• Laura Dare Marvelous Meow Gown (6m - 6x)

Laura Dare Marvelous Meow Gown (6m - 6x)

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The Marvelous Meow Gown is sure to delight your little sprite! This gown is sure to make your little one feel like a princess. She'll love the leopard print trimmed with red bow and ruffles. This gown will make your child, niece or granddaughter feel confident and playful. It hard to not have fun when you are wearing leopard print! Don't be surprised if she's inspired to hold a hairbrush up to the mirror and sing her favorite song before brushing her teeth.

Imagine reading her a favorite bed time story until her eyelids grow heavy and drift off to dream land. When she has finally fallen to sleep, you can take a step back and smile at your little angel before turning off the lights. As you walk down the hall, you remember that simpler time when someone tucked you into bed after reading a bedtime story to you. Children inspire us to look at the world through young eyes once more.

Prints are Flame Resistant 70 Denier Polyester. Solids are Flame Resistant Polyester Jersey. Handmade in the USA by hardworking Americans.