• Laura Dare Lovely Lavender Floral Peignoir Set (2T - 14)

Laura Dare Lovely Lavender Floral Peignoir Set (2T - 14)

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Kids love to dress up! Nothing is more fun than going to a sleep over or just playing princess around the house. This lovely lavender floral peignoir set is the perfect gown to curl up in at night. Have your little girl looking and feeling like the princess she is in this modest, but yet beautiful attire. Completely acceptable to wear around the house so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of getting her changed on your day off.

A new fun twist on sleepwear, this gown is the perfect gift for your daughter or granddaughters next sleepover! Little girls have never been happier to get clothing as gifts, as this nightgown set is like a princess costume that is safe to sleep in.

Prints are Flame Resistant 70 Denier Polyester. Sheer Ruffles are Flame Resistant 15 Denier Nylon. Handmade in the USA by hardworking Americans.