• Laura Dare Butter Cup Tie Shoulder Pajama Set (6m - 10)

Laura Dare Butter Cup Tie Shoulder Pajama Set (6m - 10)

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Pajamas should always have three things: Comfort, style, and fun. We have hit a home run with this adorable springtime inspired pajama set. It's made of seriously comfortable breathable material, is cute as a button on any little girl, and a lot of fun for the kids to wear to bed and around the house! Every little girl will look like a sweet springtime princess in these adorable pajamas.

The gorgeous pastel colors remind you of the flowers and beautiful renewal of nature in the spring. The style gives the feeling of running around in fields of flowers and feeling the grass between your toes. The whole outfit is alive and happy, just like your children!

Prints are Flame Resistant 70 Denier Polyester. Handmade in the USA by hardworking Americans.