• Laura Dare Butter Cup Racerback Pajama Set (4 - 14)

Laura Dare Butter Cup Racerback Pajama Set (4 - 14)

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It's no wonder that moms everywhere are being captivated by Laura Dare's kids pajamas. There are so many wonderful things about them! Every mother will love seeing their pride and joy run around in these adorable pajamas! This beautiful set was designed with maximum comfort in mind, while still remaining fun and colorful.

The pastel colors are prime for sleepy time while the design remains fun for the child. The short copped pants will cut down on how many times your child trips on the unusually long traditional pajamas. The top is cut in a fun way that it much like spring and summer tank tops while still being functional and above all comfortable and easy to sleep in, even for the tossers and turners!

Prints are Flame Resistant 70 Denier Polyester. Handmade in the USA by hardworking Americans.